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Mar 20, 2013 2:30pm PDT
, just when she needed a victory with hard-hit eurozone economies contracting and german taxpayers nervous of the cost of bailouts. opposition parties are demanding the chancellor improve her track record. >> the fiscal cliffhanger in cyprus has turned into a major headache for angela merkel in her role as crisis manager. for many on the island, germany as part of the problem, but she points out that the troika is the negotiating partner for any bailout, not germany. >> politically, it is important that cyprus create a sustainable banking sector for the future. their current model is not sustainable. >> merkel also stressed that the eu had requested a levy on private accounts above 100,000 euros and not the 20,000 suggested by cyprus' government, but the german government says the cyprus debacle is covered in angela merkel's fingerprints and she must find a solution. >> the chancellor must make sure that the deal is struck which represents the interests of cyprus and stabilizes the european economic zone. >> but according to mrs. merkel, the ball is now in cyprus' court. she says t
Mar 18, 2013 2:30pm PDT
14,488. the euro of slightly trading at $1.2948. >> some positive news for the european economy today. airbus has just signed the biggest civil aviation deal in history. it is with ryanair. >> it will provide a much-needed boost to the economy promising to secure 5000 jobs in france alone over the coming decade. >> the signatures are worth a lot of money. airbus will likely discount package of 234 plans, they have a list price of 18 billion euro. assembly will take part in france with parts from several european locations. it will be at capacity for four years. >> of bills meanwhile pride that we epitomize european success. we are working together to create jobs. >> the deal means more than money and well paying jobs. ryanair is a new customer for airbus. they have previously purchased all their planes from their arrival, boeing. >> the western-backed opposition is meeting in istanbul to p ick the new prime minister. the first tasks is creating a cabinet. >> the conflict is expected to escalate further with britain and france say they plan on our main local groups. especially wh
Mar 12, 2013 6:30pm PDT
make a full contribution to the economy, they want the feeling that their young children are in good hands during the day. there haven't been enough free school day care schools here in germany and they've also tend told close their doors rather early in the afternoon, almost working on the presumption that many women don't work or only work in the mornings. that's participate of the bigger picture here in germany because women here do tend to work more full time and less full time. there's also a disincentive because the wage differential with men is quite substantial here in germany. no wonder, therefore, that perhaps birth rates are so low here in germany compared with other european countries and also the glass ceiling is very low here, making it difficult for women to go up the corporate ladder. the problem addressing the under 3s has been perhaps taken care of by the government, saying there will be places for all children by august. >> tuesday marks world day against cybercensorship. the pressure group reporters without borders have been -- has been signaling out countries tha
Mar 15, 2013 2:30pm PDT
for just 0.2% of the eurozone economy, but what happens in cypress will have repercussions far beyond its shores, affecting overall confidence in the euro. that is why european leaders are feeling the heat. >> let's go back to eu headquarters in brussels, back to our correspondent. we heard in that report, time is money. nevertheless, eu leaders are passing the issue in this case to their finance ministers. >> grazing when you see how it works, but that is just the way it has been done. there are a lot of technical details that need to be discussed, and a meeting of eu leaders is simply not the right platform. that is why finance ministers are arriving this afternoon to discuss how exactly this bailout package can be put together. also it means possibly involving russia, the russian state. possibly also involving private creditors from russia, from other countries, from the very beginning, that they would have to accept that they would lose money, but all of this needs to be discussed in detail, and we are expecting a very long discussion, but hopefully, we will have a package and fin
Mar 19, 2013 5:30pm PDT
pulled out of the country in 2011. >>> the economy's recovering. iraq overtook iran last year to become the second largest oil produce iramong the members of petroleum exporting countries. only saudi arabia produces more. the volume of foreign investment is 20 times grater than it was four years ago. residents of baghdad can now spend their money at a shopping mall in the capitol. still shias show little sign of letting up in their fighting. >>> north korea's leader has called for rebuilding the country's light industrial sector. he said the aim is to become an economic power and improve the standard of living. state run tv reported that kim jong un made the speech at a meeting of industrial workers in pyongyang. he id denounced the joint exercises. pyongyang watchers say kim jong's announcement is over severe economic conditions. he is now reportedly the father of a baby girl. a source familiar with north korea/china relationsing told nhk that kim's wife gave birth in late january. the source learned about the birth from an official of the ruling korean worker's party. former pl
Mar 15, 2013 5:30pm PDT
leaders. he is looking for support and investment from japan to build his it country's economy. he says more jobs must be created for people settling in former strongholds in the north and east. he deny the allegations that government forces committed serious abuses at the end of the war. >> they have just issued a report, a one-sided biased report. >> he says his government the is investigating the allegations. the >>> here's a three day forecast. >>> the that concludes this edition of "newsline." thank you for joining us.
Mar 13, 2013 6:30pm PDT
spot in the lackluster economy has been auto sales. demand for new cars and trucks, and auto loans has been strengthening. that demand holds the potential for more jobs in the auto sector. ruben ramirez reports. >> reporter: the u.s. auto industry has undergone a major transformation over the last 13 years. at its peak in june of 2000 it employed 300,000 people. that bottomed in january of '09 at 122,000. over the past four years, automakers have added 50,000 jobs. analysts point out that for each of those jobs assembling cars in the u.s., they support nine others along the supply chain. >> the auto industry taking a lead and adding jobs is a good thing. >> reporter: while it will take a lot more for the industry to return to the level seen in the year 2000, automakers are adding to their payrolls at a healthy pace. chrysler is expected to announce in coming weeks that it is also adding jobs to boost one of its facilities in indiana. general motors says it expects to d about 1,400 new jobs over the new few years. and, last month, ford announced it will be adding 2,200 salaried empl
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)